Dear Friends and Fans of Dance du Soleil,

We have an important announcement today regarding Dance du Soleil Studio in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Dance du Soleil (aka Joe) has been promoted at his job to a position based out of Atlanta, Ga (go Joe!). He’s leaving next week (eeek!).

Babette will remain here in Columbus to finish school at the Ohio State University. I will be joining Joe at our new residence in Atlanta in either early December or January 1st.

Babi and I are so proud of Joe, but we are also happy, sad, scared, excited, anxious, elated and delirious all at once. It is a huge change in so many ways.

So, I’m sure you’ve probably figured it out by now…

We are announcing that Dance du Soleil Columbus will be closing it’s doors at the end of October 2015. All classes will be held as scheduled up to and including October 31st, 2015. There is a possibility we may carry classes and/ or workshops into the first two weeks into November, if there’s enough interest and depending on how things go with closing. If you are interested in attending classes the first two weeks of November, please email us at and let us know.

From the bottom of our hearts, Babi and I want to thank EVERY student who ever graced our dance floor. Please know that you gave us a reason to do what we love every day, and there are no words to express how wonderful of a gift that is. I know I can speak for myself, Babette, Leah, Tiffany, Andrea and Ashley in saying thank you to all DDS students for allowing us the privilege of instructing you in dance. We do not take this lightly.

Speaking especially to our diehard students (you know who you are!)- Babette and I feel we will all be connected forever in a special way, bonded by the wonderful memories that we have from our lovely little Dance du Soleil. We want you to know that you are the fuel that kept us going through the hard times. Please keep in touch! Big love <3

No one got hired to teach at Dance du Soleil without one main qualification (well besides stellar technique)- A PASSION for dance. I want to thank the teachers whose passion made our studio one of the best adult dance programs in Columbus- Babette, Leah, Tiffany, Ashley and Andrea. I am so proud to have worked with all of you. Babette, you have grown into a fantastic teacher and made all of your fellow teachers/dance mamas proud.

There is one more person that deserves a major shout out. MAJOR. It is a fact that Dance du Soleil Columbus would not even exist without the constant efforts and support of Mr. Dance du Soleil, aka Joe. Mister, you’ve done more than your share of the behind the scenes work, been to all of our parties and helped us pay the rent in the early months when business was …ahem…slow. Honey, I am so proud, happy and thrilled for you on your new adventure in Atlanta. For many, many (many, many) years you’ve supported my career in dance and now it’s my turn to support your career as the super badest traveling salesman in the south. I only hope I can be the source of strength for you that you have always been for me.

Looking Ahead…

What really kills me is business was picking up! The studio was on an upswing, our own little community was forming. Some classes have been so packed that we would have had to move to a bigger location if we were staying. But, as I always say to my students, family comes first.

BUT, don’t cry dancers because Dance du Soleil is not dead! We started in Akron and then moved to Columbus so we do not belong to any particular geographical location or building. We can dance in basements, rec centers, other studios, gyms, living rooms, whatever. We can dance online! Point being…we’re not done yet. We’re just closing the doors to one location. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last.

Since Babette will be remaining in Columbus (and mama bird can’t stay away that long) there is a good chance that we will still hold occasional classes and workshops here so please stay tuned to our social media channels and future emails for a calendar and registrations.

In the meantime, if you’ve always wanted to take classes with us we still have October!!! Email or call or text to 330-734-8280 to sign up today. Come on Columbus, let’s dance our hearts out in October!!!

If you’d like to see us perform you can catch Babi and I taking our final bow as Dance du Soleil Columbus opening for Beats Antique at the Newport Music Hall on Wednesday October 7th at 7 pm. Tickets are available at Whaaa??? You guys. Zoe Jakes. Beats Antique. AND….Little ol’ DDS. On the same stage!!! Pinch me.

Who knows what kind of shenanigans we’ll be getting into in Hotlanta. I have a feeling I’ll be living half my life on a plane. Next stop: Dance du Soleil Atlanta! Can you picture it??