Leila Soleil’s love and dedication to oriental dance shines through in her gleaming performances. Her extensive dance background makes her an un-drainable resource of creativity and unique innovation, while staying true to tradition.

Zahra Zuhair

Master Belly Dance Instructor and Choreographer, Co-founder of Dance Garden LA, Zahra Zuhair Raqs Sharqi

Excellence in Dance Instruction and Performance! Watch Studio videos and see for yourself why they’re a great school of Dance.

Maria Parasson, Belly Dance by Mariah Studio- Northeast Ohio

You will no doubt be impressed with the Dance du Soleil Studio. The studio offers an encouraging learning environment fueled by a knowledgeable staff. The proprietor, Leyla Soleil, is organized, professional and a master at her craft. Your dreams will come true at Dance du Soleil

-Cassandra Al Warda- Wind and Sand Dance Company, Cleveland OH

Leyla Soleil is an award-winning dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, and performer, and it is so much fun to take classes with her! I felt that I got wonderful fitness conditioning and learned beautiful technique while studying there. Not only is she extremely knowledgable in the art of Raqs Sharki and both Egyptian and American styles of Cabaret bellydance, but she has an extensive ballet/jazz background that she incorporates for a wholistic education for the serious dancer and beginner alike. Her training improves technique, flexibility, and dance knowledge, and is great fun, as well!

-Elianae S. – Professional belly dance performer and instructor – Kent, OH

I got to know Leyla Soleil when she was in Cleveland before she moved to Columbus. I heard she was one of the best belly dancers and teachers in greater Cleveland area when i met her at Andrea Love’ love to dance studio…later I took a few belly dance and Zumba lessons she taught as an invited instructors, i also got chance to watch her performances including solo dance and group dances she choreographed,  I have to say She is the BEST! She is so professional and passionate Belly dance! Her class is so much fun but students are learning a lot! Everyone around her just loves her!!! Can’t wait to take lessons with her!!!

- Mickey Y. - Columbus, OH

I am so grateful to have learned belly dance from Leyla Soleil! She taught me my very first class and always helped me and the other students to better our technique and skills. I loved that Leyla taught me about Arabic and belly dance culture too! I have enjoyed private lessons with Leyla as well. Her artistic dance quality has made her talent stand out to me! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of dance with me!

- Christie Z. – Akron, OH

Leyla Soleil is a beautiful and talented performer of many forms of dance, and she is a knowledgeable, patient, and caring teacher. I wish I lived closer to Columbus because if I did I would be signed up for lessons right now! I would like to make it for one of the workshops!

Anne S. – Cleveland, Ohio

Leyla Soleil is an elegant, skilled dancer that is a delight to watch.  Professional in every way, she is a pleasure to work with!

- Karianne – Professional belly dance performer and instructor – Pittsburgh, PA

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