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Belly Dance, Ballet and Jazz Dance Classes

Dance du Soleil is The ONLY dance studio created specifically for adults in the greater Columbus area where students can learn ballet, belly dance and jazz

Why Dance?

Increased Flexibility

Increased Strength

Better Balance

Better Coordination

Better Endurance

Built in Friends (who also love to dance)!

Enhanced Appreciation of Music, Art and Culture

Increased Mind/Body Connection (studies have shown this helps the brain!)


Dance du Soleil Students Working Up a Sweat!

You will no doubt be impressed with the Dance du Soleil Studio. The studio offers an encouraging learning environment fueled by a knowledgeable staff. The proprietor, Leyla Soleil, is organized, professional and a master at her craft. Your dreams will come true at Dance du Soleil

Cassandra Al Warda, Wind and Sand Dance Company

Our Studio

Adult Ballet Classes

We offer two different levels of ballet classes several days per week! Want great legs? Try a ballet class and get a dancers body!

Belly Dance Classes

With our owner being a nationally known professional belly dancer of over 15 years, we have a strong focus in belly dance including many different styles and levels!

Jazz Dance Classes

Do you love high energy dancing to your favorite popular songs? Try our adult jazz class on Wednesday nights at 8 pm!

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